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Zodiac Lenormand reading relates situations from major areas of the querent’s life to the twelve astrological Houses. Each drawn card represents the characteristics of the House it is located in.

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From time immemorial, the man was interested in the future. In those days, when humanity did not yet have sufficient knowledge about the world around it, various methods of fortune-telling were born. Fortune-telling with cards has become one of the most famous methods.

The famous French fortune teller and soothsayer Maria Lenormand. Beginning to predict at an early age.
She foresaw the events that changed the history of France and the World: the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte, the execution of Marat and Robespierre, the hanging of the Decembrists. She was distinguished by her intuition, imagination, bright literary talent.

Lenormand Cards – Quick alignment for the signs of the zodiac

The Lenormand deck of cards was created exclusively for fortune-telling.

The cards are surprisingly simple and understandable, probably this is the main success and accuracy of the fortune-telling and predictions of Maria Lenormand.

Any layout of Lenormand cards will give you answers to all your questions – just for you and for yours.

Everyone will see his own in them – what he needs.