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Weekly Tarot Reading
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The Tarot layout for a week can be used to predict events and situations for the next week – this layout is from the category of fortune-telling for the nearest future. In another way, the alignment is called “Seven days”.

Weekly Tarot Reading online


This alignment helps prepare for difficulties. He can eliminate or minimize unpredictable situations in the future. The layout for the week determines the atmosphere of the upcoming week, and also warns of possible events. Also, this alignment helps in time planning.

Classic card layout for the week

The classic weekly layout consists of 7 cards. The layout is best done on Sunday or Monday – this sets the rhythm of the whole week, plus it conveys more reliable information. But if you made the alignment on some other day, for example, Thursday, there is nothing wrong with that, just first interpret the card for Thursday, then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – this is the current week, and then the rest of the cards are Wednesday, Tuesday and Monday they will mean not the situation in the past, but the forecast for the next week.

Fortune telling for a week

This layout can only be used once a week. If you need details, you should use a different layout. Summing up takes place on the last day of the alignment. In order not to miss anything, it is advised to write down the result of the alignment. The day of the week and the card or cards are drawn to it, plus the interpretation of the cards. If you forget something or overlook something, you can always return to recording the result and refresh your memory or supplement the interpretation.

Each card is for a different day of the week

1 – Monday,
2 – Tuesday,
3 – Wednesday,
4 – Thursday,
5 – Friday,
6 – Saturday,
7 – Sunday.

Cards can be laid out, both in a horizontal line from left to right, and in the form of a ladder increasing from Monday, card 1, to Sunday, card 7. The most important thing is not the sequence of drawing cards from the deck. Each card can describe how the events of a specific day for the week, and also, each card can be regarded as advice for a specific day of the week.