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Fortune-telling on cards for love and relationships is the easiest way to find out what a man really feels and thinks. Even beginners will be able to tell fortunes at home because you only need a playing deck and knowledge of the basic principles of fortune-telling.

Love Playing Cards


The predictions obtained in this way are considered to be quite true.

Fortune-telling on playing cards

Before proceeding directly to fortune-telling on playing cards for a loved one, we ask you to familiarize yourself with some basic rules:

  • If a woman is wondering about her fate or love, then the most favorable days for this will be the days of the week with female names, for example, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday;
  • As for men, on the contrary for them, the most conducive to fortune-telling are the days of the week with masculine names: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday;
  • It is not recommended to guess on Sunday. In addition, it is not recommended to guess on the days of church holidays;
  • They guess for love with red candles lit, for fate and good luck – with green or yellow candles lit. If the candle goes out during fortune-telling, this is a sign that fortune-telling must be stopped urgently.