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Step 1: Click on the box to shake it and mix the matches

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To get an unambiguous answer to the question: “Yes or no?” people use different methods. The site https://tarotcardsdivination.com offers online fortune telling using matches.


Truthful fortune-telling online on a box of “Yes-No” matches will give an exact answer to any unambiguous question. Wood is a sensitive natural material filled with powerful energy. That is why our ancestors used to guess on chips, wooden sticks.

Fortune telling on matches Yes No

Box predictions are extremely laconic and instant. Online fortune telling provides the fortuneteller with a specific answer “Yes or No”. It is easy to understand the messages of otherworldly forces:

  • an even number indicates a positive answer;
  • an odd number symbolizes negation.

The main thing is not to bother him with identical problems, just to get the desired answer.