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At first glance, dominoes have only one purpose – a game. However, if you look at it more closely, you can notice certain patterns that are relevant in fortune-telling and carry a certain meaning.

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28 bones correspond to the number of days in the lunar month. You can guess by the dots on the bones, considering their meaning, both individually and in total, and interpret them guided by numerology or other esoteric practices. People have long noticed that dominoes can act as reliable advisors on many issues.

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Domino prediction is simple and understandable, does not require special comprehension or ambiguous interpretations. True, it takes time to learn how to independently understand the meanings of bones. However, a free virtual online domino guessing service is ready to come to the rescue at any moment. The site contains the most popular types of fortune-telling on domino dice.

Virtual fortune-telling on dominoes is a fast and reliable way to get answers to all burning questions. It is convenient to use it when you need to get an answer immediately, without much thought or preparation. This is a very practical method that is always available.